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Title: Educational Tours

Date: Jan 2016

What's it all about then:

Teachers may be aware that Michael Gove urged schools to place more emphasis on teaching the West Country's "rich, controversial and thrilling" history

The Education Secretary said that activities such as walking tours around Bristol's Harbourside provide children the opportunity to engage first-hand with "the physical remains of the story of England", educating them about their local history in a fun and inspiring way and encouraging them to "delve further" into their studies.

Pirate Walks has provided bespoke educational tours for over 800 schools since the year 2000, when we were awarded a Prince's Trust Grant to educate and inform West Country children of their maritime heritage. 

Our tours specifically focus on the fascinating history of Bristol's Pirates tales of Blackbeard, Long John Silver, Robinson Crusoe and Treasure Island really capture the imagination of children while offering rich and wide-ranging educational opportunities.

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