Pirate Pete Walks


Tours last around a 1 hour, and can be tailored to your group. A pleasant walk around the quays, discovering Bristol's turbulent history.


Pirate Pete Home School


Get 2 Free Chapters of our interactive book Swashbuckling Tales of West Country Pirates!

Now the kids are at home from school why not educate them with our interactive online stories of Bristol and the Pirates.

Each Chapter is beautifully illustrated and has a simple fun quiz at the end.

If you like it you can subscribe the SHIP (Swashbuckling Home of Informed Pirates) which will give you access to the full book and all other books as they are released.

Complete the registration form by selecting the Home School - Online Learning option on the contact page and we'll send you the login details....

Pirate Pete Entertainment


Discover Long John Silver’s treasure chest in the smugglers cave. Visit Treasure Island’s Spy Glass Inn where the press gangs roamed. Find Blackbeards Lair in the medieval port. 


Pirate Pete Bristol Slavers

piratewalks - Bristol Slavers

Peter Martin has been researching the history of Bristol's Slave trade for many years with a view to uncovering the real story of that dark period of history.

Peter's book "Bristol Slavers" is an easy to digest short story approach designed to engage children and adults alike, encouraging them to start their our own jounery of exploration so that history is never forgotten and doesn't repeat itself. 

Not only can you purchase a physical book, you will also be invited to access our online interactive version.

Click here and fill in the Contact form by selecting Bristol Slavers, and we will contact you with details.