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Welcome to Pirate Walks

Pirate Pete meets Sir Terry!

Sir Terry Wogan spends time with our very own Pirate Pete to find out what the Pirates ate and learn about their ancient system of cultivation. Click below on the image to view

Sir Terry Wogen and Pirate Pete with his crew

Piratewalks goes Mobile!

Capture, personalise and share your Pirate Tours experience with the free bundu app.

  • Access the pre-loaded map and welcome message
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Then when you create a new story, simply enter the tour code teach1680 to unlock your Pirate Walks adventure

Bristol Piratewalks Bundu app

Piratewalks gets a mention in Chic-Travel

A golden nugget of publicity for our famous Pirate Walks can be found in the great travel guide Chic Travel. Take a look at the full article by clicking here

Bristol Piratewalks in Chic Travel

New Bristol Slaver Website in progress

As you know the success of our Bristol Slavers book has spawned a new website all about the subject. You will find lots more information as we develop the website in the furture. For now you can have a taste of progress by going to www.bristolslavers.co.uk

take a look by clicking here

Bristol Slavers

Pirates in Poole

You may have seen some strange goings on in Poole last weekend at the Poole Carnival, when pirate pete came to shore giving out leafets promoting his world famous pirate tours!

Peter Martin, also known as Pirate Pete, has delighted crowds from all parts of the globe on his Bristol Harbour pirate walks. Now you can experience his amazing adventures in Poole where Pirate Pete and Isioma Nwokolo have created Poole Pirate Parties. Here are just some of the events you can book:

  • Children's parties
  • Adult booze cruise parties on a regular monthly basis
  • Corporate events
  • Scouts and guides information trips
  • School visits and educational talks
  • Birthdays and all Social events catered for

To find out more Click here to make an enquiry

Poole Pirates for Pirate Pete from Pirate Walks

Book launched to tell story of Bristol slavers

A book which discovers the truth about previously unknown aspects of Bristol's Slave Trade has been launched by a popular local character with the help of an esteemed psychiatrist.

Peter Martin, also known as Pirate Pete, has been on a world-wide fact-finding mission for the past 12 years to write the book 'Bristol Slavers' which tells the history of the triangular slave trade from West Country ports.

To find out more and order the book Click here

Bristol Slaves Book Launch by Pirate Pete from Pirate Walks

Pirate Pete caters for all ages and events

This was a little bit of fun with a bunch of corporate smugglers..I mean managers!!

Discover Long John Silver’s treasure chest in the smugglers cave. Visit Treasure Island’s Spy Glass Inn where the press gangs roamed. Find Blackbeards Lair in the medieval port.

Few people know just how much of a history Bristol has with Pirates and Petes entertaining and informative walk takes you around some of the piracy hotspots. From John Cabots statue to Blackbeards home, the Smugglers Cave to the Matthew Shipyard, Pete the Pirate provides a fun look at Pirates and their adventures in Bristol.

Sure to make you laugh and cry, learn and yet have fun, Pete’s walk around Bristol is a treat for any scallywag! Challenge Pete to not provide a great afternoon, but remember - if you lose you’ll be taking 10 paces on the plank! Arrr!

Use the menu to find out about the walk, pirate history and much more

NEW Limited Edition Book -
Swashbuckling Tales of West Country Pirates.  Packed with fascinating stories and hand drawn illustrations by Bristol's Pete the Pirate.

Swashbuckling Tales Book

Listen to Pirate Pete's Radio Interview by the BBC

A fantastic journey into Pirate Pete's history, why he got involved in writing his famous books and why Bristol, the Slave Trade and Pirates are so important to him. Also get a preview of what his new book Westcountry Slavers is all about.

Westcountry Slavers Book

Order this Westcountry Slavers by contacting us now

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 We can provide Entertainment for your event

A beavers party

Shiver me timbers! What do we ‘av here? A lovely bunch of Beavers enjoying a mutiny upon the harbour side in Bristol. Arrr!

A 50th Birthday party

Shiver me timbers! What do we ‘av here? A 50th Birthday party with Scally Wags present from all around the world. Arrr!

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